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As long as I can remember, I've done something artistic... poetry, pastels, watercolors, mosaics, finished jewelry making, and now making glass beads. I think I have finally found the one that was meant to be... my soul-create! I love sitting down in front of my torch, with some music or an audio book depending on my mood, surrounded by glass and tools and perhaps a cat or two... a plethora of options for creativity all around me!

I got started in lampworking with the help of Jim Berry from Blue Moon Glassworks in Austin, Texas. He helped me get everything I needed, set up my torch and showed me how to make my very first glass bead in 2004. I initially read through the best books to learn the basics, and then began taking classes at Blue Moon Glassworks (see list below). Jim and Rose bring in the top glass beadmakers from all over and I continue to take classes there every chance I get. More than anything else, I learn and expand my talent by spending a lot of time at the torch... I love playing with fire!

So now the story of how I became to be bonny beads by Bonnie Beard.... why not bonnie beads?? I owe my creativity and love of all things artistic to my grandmother, Bonny, after whom I was named. She was quite the artist, primarily working with pastels and oil paints. I loved watching her work and seeing what she was creating next... and along with her unconditional and abundant love, she gave me never ending praise and support in all parts of my life. She was an amazing woman, and while I can never fill her shoes, being an artist makes me feel like a big part of her is in me, and with me.

Mick McNulty

Donna Mehnert

Anne Ricketts

Kim Fields

Jennifer S. Geldard

Michael Barley

Stephanie Sersich

Dustin Tabor

Bronwen Heilman

Diane Flynn

Larry Pile

Heather Trimlett

Janet Alexander

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